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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

DeAgostini Star Wars Helmet Collection! Issues 30 & 31!

More great helmets from DeAgostini this month!! 

Issue 30 - Senate Guard

Firstly, the Senate Guard is a great helmet, it hearkens back to the original trilogy, but obviously found in the Prequel Trilogy, it shows a possible evolution of the Imperial Guard helmets.

Like the Imperial Helmet, it's a sleek beautiful design, and the brushes on the top give a more regal feel.. This Helmet is a really nice representation of the actual prob from the films.

The magazine starts off with the Database from KAA - KAM, including information on the Gungan battle mounts! the Kaadu, General Grevious' Kaleesh, AND *SPOILER ALERT* the now Imperial turned Rebel, Agent Kallus!

Next with a History of the Senate Guard, this paragraph goes into a little information about them and how they went about their duties. There we go, the inside pages now talk about the ranking of the Guards, as well as information about the changes from the Senate Guard to the Imperial Guard.

Middle pages go into the cross sections of the helmet itself. More than just for show (although this is definitely talked about) interestingly enough the Plume on the top hides away a communications antennae.. there's more about the general design, weapons and equipment for these guards.

Further pages explain about the other form of the Senate Guard, the Senate Commando's and goes into a little backstory of Captain Faro Argyus (From the Clone Wars Animated Series). Ultimately he was a traitor to the republic but as Karma had it, he met his end at the hand of Asajj Ventress.

The back page teases Poe Dameron's more modern looking helmet!!

Issue 31 - Poe Dameron

Check. Out. This. HELMET!! It still has the worn feel of the old original xwing helmets, but this thing definately LOOKS more modern, a little more stylish and a little less bulky. This miniature helmet is a great representation of the actual prop, no moving parts, but all the scratches and details are on there. I cannot WAIT to sort out my man cave and get these helmets on show!!

We're now getting along with the Databank and this issue covers KAM to KAT, including the mysterious Kaminoans (answers on a postcard to confirm how to say that masterpiece of a word!), of course Kanjiclub get a mention, is this an actual saying now? "I swear Mum I didn't do it!" "Tell that to Kanjiclub!!"
The Wookiee world of Kashyyyk gets a mention in the Databank too and confirms WHERE it actually resides on the universe map of the new Canon!

Next up for the middle pages sets up the history of the wearer of this issues helmet, Poe Dameron. Taking this info from the Marvel Comics Mini-series Star Wars: Shattered Empire this outlined Poe's roots regarding his parents piloting background.

Info about Poe's personal fighter ship is also teased here aswell as a piece on Poe's intro in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (That's that film that did rather well in ratings.. )

The cross sections detail more about the helmet and what's weird is that there's some Aurabesh on the side of the helmet.. which reads ROAEHAL in English.. what does this mean!?! I've tweeted the Holocron, so hopefully I'll get a reply back soon! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!!

There's also details about Poe's sidearm and other equipment and also a little bio. 

Whats next in the mag is a few pages on the Resistance as a whole, their History, uniforms, certain members, even the new style of Rankings on their uniforms. My favorite part of this mag is next detailing the pilots of this new era, sadly most of them bite the dust on Starkiller base.. which leads quite nicely into the last segment of this issue, the Assault On Starkiller Base. 

Issue 32 boasts the helmet of the Hoth Rebel Soldiers, should be good as I don't know alot about them, we see little of them in "Empire" too.. 

Get onto DeAgostini's website to start your subscription!! It's from £20 per month and for this you get two Helmets and Magazines!