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Friday, 21 April 2017

Book Review! Marvels Rocket & Groot - Keep on Truckin'

Rocket & Groot - Keep on Truckin'!


Rocket and Groot is a new line of books for ages 8-13 which is high on events, fast paced and written with a hilariously witty style with a hint of toilet humour!

I remember being this sort of age and any mention of farts and pee were hilarious in jokes and this book has some great phrases!

Just by knowing the Author Tom Angleberger from his previous books like the Yoda Origami Series,  this link actually goes to Amazon's kindle download, of which I will probably do myself as these books look brilliant! 

The story goes, that our Pair of (unlikely) heroes crash land on planet Happyhappyfunfun and soon realise it's not as "Fun" as the planet name suggests. What ensue's is a plethora of crazy silly trouble for the two, and by the end you'll be turning the pages of this book as quickly as the pair are racing through the town! Loads of great moments and some of Rocket's quotes are fantastic! "Flaming Walrus Mustaches! We're going to die!"

The way this book is laid out and written is amazing. It read's a little like a script, with each characters phrases on each line, but it's extremely simple to follow with a different font for each character.. there's also an added bonus of sounds of everything that's going on e.g. "Sound of totally awesome tape dispenser gunning the engine" which sets the scene quite nicely.

As I said at the top of this review, the pace is very fast and there's so many little jokes and snidey comments from the "Awesome Tape Dispenser", she's a really great character and the banter between Rocket and her is genius.

There's also tons of illustrations to go with the story too also actually created by Tom Angleberger and also an amazingly gorgeous doublespread by Isidre Mones!

This is in fact the second in this series and I'm very much hoping there's more! Here's the first below and a link in case you wish to purchase!
All in all, these books are a great read for 8 plus year olds, if they know of the Guardians of the Galaxy films then this is sure to be a favourite for them, personally I have an 8 year old and before picking up these books to review, he already picked this off a shop shelf and said how funny and good it looked. I'll be giving both of these books to my son to read and I'm sure he'll thoroughly enjoy them! 

Rocket and Groot - Stranded on Planet Shopping Mall is out now and available from Amazon for a mere £4!!! 

The new Keep on Truckin' book will be available from 4th May (STAR WARS DAY in fact!) and RRP is £6.99, also available from Amazon to PRE-ORDER!!