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Monday, 24 April 2017

The Official LEGO Star Wars Magazine Available 5th April - 2nd May!


What is this? 

This is the newest Issue of LEGO Star Wars Magazine!

It's out NOW in all awesome bookstores, for £3.99 and for that you get a great mag which I'll breakdown for you, aswell as an awesome Lego Mini Model OR Lego MINIFIGURE! It's worth getting JUST for the freebie if you ask me! 

The Mag!

Lets Go Under the Covers! 

So, I'll give you a page by page breakdown but I'm not going to give you absolutely everything so go and buy it after reading this review! 

Pages 3 (Page 1 is the cover) - An intro to the mag which a nice big picture of Yoda's Jedi Starfighter!

Page 4 - A breakdown specification of this issue's freebie, Darth Vader's Tie Advanced!!

Pages 5 - 8 - The first part of the AWESOME 2 comics in every Issue! "Catch The Traitor!" Darth Vader has build a new Carbonite Freezing Chamber on Coruscant and there's a spy in the Rebel's ranks; It's up to Luke Skywalker to find out who it is! 

Page 9 - An i-spy puzzle!!  

Pages 10 - 13 - Part 2 of "Catch The Traitor!" Comic! Find out if Luke tracks down the Spy and if Darth Vader get his comeuppance!

Page 14 -15 - A few more identifying puzzles.

Page 16 - A file on one of the heroes from The Freemaker Adventures! ROWAN! (A fellow Scavenger!)

Pages 17 - 20 - This is the middle page which has instructions to build the freebie Tie Advanced Model. This is also a double page poster for The Freemaker Adventures!


Page 21 - A Scavenger Puzzle!

Pages 22 - 29 - The second Comic for the Issue "Revenge of the STARSCAVENGER!", On Thalser, the Freemaker team are building a new ship and need one more part, all of a sudden, thieves steal the Starscavenger, Rowan and Roger are still inside and show the Theives whoose boss! 

Pages 30 - 31 - An awesome look at the new LEGO Death Star!!  

Page 32 - Looks at the New Star Wars Book Quest for the Kyber Saber! From Egmont!! 

Page 33 - WIN A set of Star Wars Microfighters! Get the Issue to find out how to win!!

Page 34 - Teases the next issue which includes the Mini Vulture Droid Ship! Also two more great comics from Martin Fisher! 

The back page is a cut out and keep of Light Side (LEGO Xwing) Poster or Darkside (Imperial Tie Fighter)!! 

The Freebie!! 


The ship of the Iconic Darth Vader!

This little ship is only around 3 inches wide but is a great representation of the original! It won't take long for you or your little one to put together, it took me about 5 minutes! 

The LEGO Star Wars magazine is available between 5th April - 2nd May and is priced at £3.99!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Book Review! Marvels Rocket & Groot - Keep on Truckin'

Rocket & Groot - Keep on Truckin'!


Rocket and Groot is a new line of books for ages 8-13 which is high on events, fast paced and written with a hilariously witty style with a hint of toilet humour!

I remember being this sort of age and any mention of farts and pee were hilarious in jokes and this book has some great phrases!

Just by knowing the Author Tom Angleberger from his previous books like the Yoda Origami Series,  this link actually goes to Amazon's kindle download, of which I will probably do myself as these books look brilliant! 

The story goes, that our Pair of (unlikely) heroes crash land on planet Happyhappyfunfun and soon realise it's not as "Fun" as the planet name suggests. What ensue's is a plethora of crazy silly trouble for the two, and by the end you'll be turning the pages of this book as quickly as the pair are racing through the town! Loads of great moments and some of Rocket's quotes are fantastic! "Flaming Walrus Mustaches! We're going to die!"

The way this book is laid out and written is amazing. It read's a little like a script, with each characters phrases on each line, but it's extremely simple to follow with a different font for each character.. there's also an added bonus of sounds of everything that's going on e.g. "Sound of totally awesome tape dispenser gunning the engine" which sets the scene quite nicely.

As I said at the top of this review, the pace is very fast and there's so many little jokes and snidey comments from the "Awesome Tape Dispenser", she's a really great character and the banter between Rocket and her is genius.

There's also tons of illustrations to go with the story too also actually created by Tom Angleberger and also an amazingly gorgeous doublespread by Isidre Mones!

This is in fact the second in this series and I'm very much hoping there's more! Here's the first below and a link in case you wish to purchase!
All in all, these books are a great read for 8 plus year olds, if they know of the Guardians of the Galaxy films then this is sure to be a favourite for them, personally I have an 8 year old and before picking up these books to review, he already picked this off a shop shelf and said how funny and good it looked. I'll be giving both of these books to my son to read and I'm sure he'll thoroughly enjoy them! 

Rocket and Groot - Stranded on Planet Shopping Mall is out now and available from Amazon for a mere £4!!! 

The new Keep on Truckin' book will be available from 4th May (STAR WARS DAY in fact!) and RRP is £6.99, also available from Amazon to PRE-ORDER!!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

DeAgostini Star Wars Helmet Collection! Issues 30 & 31!

More great helmets from DeAgostini this month!! 

Issue 30 - Senate Guard

Firstly, the Senate Guard is a great helmet, it hearkens back to the original trilogy, but obviously found in the Prequel Trilogy, it shows a possible evolution of the Imperial Guard helmets.

Like the Imperial Helmet, it's a sleek beautiful design, and the brushes on the top give a more regal feel.. This Helmet is a really nice representation of the actual prob from the films.

The magazine starts off with the Database from KAA - KAM, including information on the Gungan battle mounts! the Kaadu, General Grevious' Kaleesh, AND *SPOILER ALERT* the now Imperial turned Rebel, Agent Kallus!

Next with a History of the Senate Guard, this paragraph goes into a little information about them and how they went about their duties. There we go, the inside pages now talk about the ranking of the Guards, as well as information about the changes from the Senate Guard to the Imperial Guard.

Middle pages go into the cross sections of the helmet itself. More than just for show (although this is definitely talked about) interestingly enough the Plume on the top hides away a communications antennae.. there's more about the general design, weapons and equipment for these guards.

Further pages explain about the other form of the Senate Guard, the Senate Commando's and goes into a little backstory of Captain Faro Argyus (From the Clone Wars Animated Series). Ultimately he was a traitor to the republic but as Karma had it, he met his end at the hand of Asajj Ventress.

The back page teases Poe Dameron's more modern looking helmet!!

Issue 31 - Poe Dameron

Check. Out. This. HELMET!! It still has the worn feel of the old original xwing helmets, but this thing definately LOOKS more modern, a little more stylish and a little less bulky. This miniature helmet is a great representation of the actual prop, no moving parts, but all the scratches and details are on there. I cannot WAIT to sort out my man cave and get these helmets on show!!

We're now getting along with the Databank and this issue covers KAM to KAT, including the mysterious Kaminoans (answers on a postcard to confirm how to say that masterpiece of a word!), of course Kanjiclub get a mention, is this an actual saying now? "I swear Mum I didn't do it!" "Tell that to Kanjiclub!!"
The Wookiee world of Kashyyyk gets a mention in the Databank too and confirms WHERE it actually resides on the universe map of the new Canon!

Next up for the middle pages sets up the history of the wearer of this issues helmet, Poe Dameron. Taking this info from the Marvel Comics Mini-series Star Wars: Shattered Empire this outlined Poe's roots regarding his parents piloting background.

Info about Poe's personal fighter ship is also teased here aswell as a piece on Poe's intro in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (That's that film that did rather well in ratings.. )

The cross sections detail more about the helmet and what's weird is that there's some Aurabesh on the side of the helmet.. which reads ROAEHAL in English.. what does this mean!?! I've tweeted the Holocron, so hopefully I'll get a reply back soon! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!!

There's also details about Poe's sidearm and other equipment and also a little bio. 

Whats next in the mag is a few pages on the Resistance as a whole, their History, uniforms, certain members, even the new style of Rankings on their uniforms. My favorite part of this mag is next detailing the pilots of this new era, sadly most of them bite the dust on Starkiller base.. which leads quite nicely into the last segment of this issue, the Assault On Starkiller Base. 

Issue 32 boasts the helmet of the Hoth Rebel Soldiers, should be good as I don't know alot about them, we see little of them in "Empire" too.. 

Get onto DeAgostini's website to start your subscription!! It's from £20 per month and for this you get two Helmets and Magazines!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Star Wars Adventures In Wild Space! From Egmont Publishing

The newest book in this line of pre-teen books from Egmont Publishing was released very recently! I'll be providing a full review of.. 

The Cold! 

BUT FIRST! A look at the other books in this great series which has kept my son engaged each bedtime! 

What Are They?

Book 0 - The EscapeA great line of children's books, its debut was made on Book Day 2016 with THE ESCAPE, and follows the adventures of Milo and Lina Graff, son and daughter of a pair of fantastic Navigators of the Wild Space of the Star Wars Galaxy, they have mapped out most of Wild Space and the Empire wants their maps. 

I won't totally spoil whats gone before, but the story starts when just on a routine mapping of a system The Empire meet up with the Graffs to pay for Maps created by them. However, the cadaverous Captain Korda wants the maps for nothing, and the Graffs don't agree, obviously. One thing leads to another and the Graffs are captured, leaving their children, pet Monkey Lizard and researcher droid CR-8R (a great mish-mash of Protocol, Astromech and even probe droid!) to fend for themselves, Getting them into trouble several times through the series.

The Series

Book 1 - The Snare
Book 2 - The Nest

These books as a whole are very nicely put together and the two Authors, Cavan Scott and Tom Huddleston have made a great line of books which first of all read really well, have a great flow of action mixed in with mystery and just enough emotion entwined to keep the young reader captivated. 

Myself and my son have been reading the entire line as bedtime stories and even doing that we're up to speed with all the books and very nearly ready to start the newest (Reviewed below!) The Cold!

These books don't just have the text, there's a few great illustrations (By David M. Buisan) which really build up the imagery that the text is talking about and in some cases get you excited for a character you're just about to meet!


The adventures of Lina and Milo continue in The Cold, as action packed as ever. 

After countless run-ins with Captain Korda and The Empire, running from Monsters of all sorts, making acquaintances with Mercenaries and Escaping from Bounty hunters, as well as bumping into a few familiar faces, namely Vizago and the parents of Ezra Bridger, the Graff kids have come to what seemed like in the first few pages, the end of their adventures and now living with the Bridger's it seemed like they'd all but given Up on finding their parents. 

Lina Graff has other plans, and while running an errand for the Bridger's, the kids, their pet and CR-8R once again find themselves in cold water.. 

A little surprising too as at one point it seems like they may have finally made an alliance with their biggest adversary Captain Korda, but alas.. things are not all as they seem! 

I thought this was to be the last of the adventures for the Graff kids, however it seems like after grabbing a new ship, (yep the battered up Whisper Bird finally gets left behind, it had to happen sometime!) the two are at last onto a concrete lead on where to find their parents! 

The Cold is available via AMAZON.CO.UK right now for only £4.39! Great for bedtime reading. Ooks for the young reader and also a great quick read for the adults! 

Watch out for the Graff's next adventure which continues in.. 

Also, Check back for more on the above, I'll be providing a full review once it comes out!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Star Wars: Identities!

What Is It?

Star Wars Identities is an exhibition, currently showing the O2 in London. 

The show is designed to take a nose dive into the identities of our favourite characters aswell as teaching visitors about what males US tick and how you as a person grows, in terms of who influences us and how we react.

Aswell as some awesome interactivity regarding the above, there's some amazing props and obviously this is accompanied by a history of the props and even how certain characters were imagined and then brought to life. 

What I Thought

When I was originally advised of Star Wars Identities I was extremely excited, obviously, I'm a Star Wars fan. Anyway, I was thinking I'd be going on my own and then invited my 8 year old along for some Father/Son bonding, he LOVES learning and museums, so because of his appreciation for Star Wars too, this was a perfect combo. In the end MY Father also came with us, so there was 3 generations of my family.

The props were amazing, as above, there was tons of info about these that even as a seasoned fan there was stuff I didn't know. 

It was also great to see how some of our favourite characters were brought to life, from the imagination stage where they were mere sketches, to the models so you can see them evolve and then learn about their distinct characteristics. 

I interactivity came in the form of an audio walk, where there were audio stations along the way, as well as lots of videos, each explaining each part of the exhibit. There was also a wireless wristband we had to wear throughout and with this answer certain questions to create our Star Wars Character and learn about their living journey. I'll come back to them at the end of this review.

The questions:
10 questions, to be answered using the interactive wristband, to ultimately create your Star Wars image. This was alot of fun! I'll run through the questions very quickly for you..
1. Species - Nice and simple.. are you a boring Human? or maybe a Bith? It's up to you! 

2. What were you born with? Strength? Intelligence? Whats your most prominent attribute and the all important question, how Force sensitive are you?! If at all? 

3. How were you raised? What parenting style did your parents take? Did they let you roam free? or did you have chores to be done before you have any kind of fun?

4. What planet are you from? And when you were there, what did you and your family do while growing up? Did you go on holiday?

5. Who do you look up to? Who were your mentors growing up? Who helped build you as a person, Physically, Spiritually and Intellectually?

6.  Who do you hang out with? Friends and family?

7. Which Experiences have marked you? How have they affected you as a person?

8. What do you do? What's your job?

9. How do you behave? What kind of person are you? Easygoing, Happy to learn?

10. What's Important to you? Aspirations? What leads your choices?

Finally, Do you go Dark Side? Or Light Side? 

As you can see from the questions above, at the same time as being very fun building your own Star Wars character, OR you could go through this exhibit answering the questions as yourself! Which is actually what I did.. albeit to choosing a species and background story for the homeworld.
My Father the joker.. 
My 8 year old Son.

To take home, you get an e-mail with your characters picture, plus an amalgamation of information based on how you answered the questions, which is really like your characters bio.

The Verdict!

The whole exhibit was alot of fun and there's so much still to learn about the props.. Take this mural for example, which was in the scene when Anakin confronted the Emperor in Revenge Of The Sith. It apparently tells the story of the Sith battling the Jedi, why didn't the Jedi notice this and ask about it??! 

The only disappointing thing about this exhibition was actually the shop! It was SO ludicrously expensive! It's no wonder they manage to sell anything!! £8 for a keyring??! No thanks! I desperately wanted a programme which was packed with every part of the exhibition pieces, BUT this was £20!! 

The Star Wars Identities Exhibit will be at the O2 until September 3rd so there's still plenty of time to take a peek! Click HERE to book your tickets!