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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Star Wars Adventures Magazine Breakdown! Issue 24th May - 20th June 2017!

Star Wars Adventures! - EXCLUSIVE TO THE UK!
OK, so there's only a few things which are exclusive to the UK and this is one of them! 

This magazine is aimed at older kids, probably around early teens and has some really cool freebies! 

First the magazine though! Here's the full breakdown of what you'll find in this months issue:

Pages 2 - 3 (Page 1 is the cover!): A nice spread of the newest Star Wars Pop! Vinyls from FUNKO!

Pages 4 - 7:
The Galaxies Toughest Warriors! All the faves are here, From the Light side of the Force aswell as the Dark!

Pages 8 - 9:
A puzzle page which pays Homage to the Vintage Figures!!

Page 10: An advert for the New Star Wars "Book of the Film" Junior Novel Collection from Egmont!

Page 11:
An Exert from the new Star Wars Doodles Strike Back book from Egmont!

Pages 12 - 15:
Part one of this months awesome comic from the Legends Library! "Nameless" from Star Wars Tales 10 (Currently only £1.49 on Kindle!!) tells the tale of Maul naming his double bladed lightsaber!

Pages 16 - 17:
Spot the difference and Kylo Ren Puzzles!

Page 18 - 19:
A massive quad page poster the original 3 heroes. Plus a double page spread of Rey and BB8.

Page 21:
WIN! Cool FUNKO Wobblers! These are cuter than the standard POP! Vinyls, very nice!!

Pages 22 - 23:
A double page poster/fact-file of the Bounty Hunters we saw in The Empire Strikes Back!

Pages 24 - 25: The Story of Anakins/Lukes Lightsaber! Follow the steps which led it to Rey's hands in The Force Awakens!

Pages 26 - 29:
Part two of the "Nameless" Legends comic!

Pages 30 - 31:
A factfile on the galaxy's favourite Droid! R2-D2!!

Pages 32 - 33:
Rogue One Puzzles! "Codecracker" using Aurabesh! Love those ones!!

Pages 34 - 35:
Join the dots puzzles to create The Falcon & A Stormtrooper, and a tease to the next issue which includes Rebel Gliders PLUS a Boba Fett Stampeez!


A cool wrist disc shooter! This thing is pretty lethal in the hands of an 8 year old! Force Attax Cards..

..and an R2-D2 Stampeez! Very cool!

Lastly there's also quite a few stickers inside the mag too, mostly brilliant art featuring Rogue One and The Force Awakens Heroes.

The Star Wars Adventures Magazine is available now, until 20th June and is priced at £4.99!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Review - EPIC Imperial Assault Carrier

Whats This All About?


This month I've been sent the Imperial Assault Carrier! As seen in Star Wars Rebels, this ship looks pretty bulky but makes for a great support ship, and comes with Two Tie Fighters (Standard from the Original Trilogy/Rebels Era's) and some niiiice Upgrades and Pilot cards.

The Assault Carrier - The Gozanti -

Historically, these ships were used as Freighters and if you're a watcher of Star Wars Rebels, you may remember a shipment of Kyber Crystals being transported in one of these and ultimately destroyed by The Ghost.

It's a bulky but nice looking arrowheaded Cruiser.

As always the detail of the ships hull it really nice, and the paint job is equally good. You'll see in the picture a Radar Dish which performs during the game, I'll get to that later, but this doesn't move on this model, whereas the two turrets towards the back of the ship (top and bottom) swivel 180 degrees before falling out. I believe they are in fact supposed to be locked in place.
What makes this Carrier especially, special, is the ability to dock Ties and other small ships:

More than meets the eye..

There's more to the Gozanti than just being a big ship, even more than just the docking.

The Gozanti has it's own Ship card, which I'm sure you can see it can hold quite a few upgrades and skills aswell as having a few new actions and other stats! 

Of these new stats is of course is ENERGY. This has been added on the larger ships to provide a source of extra moves or additional shields. The 4 is how many you start with and as the game goes on it allows the player to use and gain more to firstly move, and secondly defend and keep itself alive as you may have noticed it has NO defense die.

There's two additional actions to run on this Epic ship, one to recover from damage and also Reinforce with lost shielding.

Also as you can see from the movement map above, it could be fast but only in one direction, using primarily as a distraction while your ships provide support and attack the opponent, I'm yet to try this but it's VERY exciting even thinking about it!

2 x Tie Fighters -

These are actually a little darker than the standard Ties which came with the original set of X-Wing Miniatures, as far as I can remember though their stats are the same. You can see Pilot cards a little further down. I've said before that I really appreciate the simple look of the Ties and I love playing them in game, quick on turns and pretty formidable in a squadron.

The Pilot cards!:

As you can see, a nice array of Pilot cards come in this set, various Pilot skill, sporting various skills. There are the standard squad and academy pilots which don't really do too much, but notably the "Scourge" pilot could do some proper naughty damage if the defender is already down by one hit.. The extra addition of a die can be a great asset!! 

More regarding the damage, these Epic sized ships are now defined by Front and Rear damage, and it all depends on where you are being attacked. 

Upgrade cards! :

There's quite a few here that we've seen before, various missiles and some really great Actions which will help you with extra damage (Marksmanship!) but there are now the extras for the Gozanti specifically. Most noticeable in the game is the ability to dock with the Cruiser, makes for a nice way of protecting your docked ships until they are needed to unleash hell (mostly due to the fact you cannot fire upon them WHILE they are docked, so the Carrier would take the brunt of the damage. A downside of this of course is that if the ships are docked and the Gozanti is destroyed, then so are the ships!


A very exciting set to play! I hope to do a review of a battle with my Son very soon, things have been pretty hectic recently though..

This set is available to purchase NOW!

For more info on the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures line up, check out Fantasy Flight Games Official Website!


Monday, 22 May 2017

The Official LEGO Star Wars Magazine Available 3rd May - 6th June!


What is this? 

This is the newest Issue of LEGO Star Wars Magazine!

It's out NOW in all awesome bookstores, for £3.99 and for that you get a great mag which I'll breakdown for you, aswell as an awesome Lego Mini Model OR Lego MINIFIGURE! It's worth getting JUST for the freebie if you ask me! 

The Mag!

Lets Go Under the Covers! 

So, I'll give you a page by page breakdown but I'm not going to give you absolutely everything so go and buy it after reading this review! 

Pages 3 (Page 1 is the cover) - An intro to the mag which a nice big picture of Director Krennic's Shuttle as in Rogue One!

Page 4 - A breakdown specification of this issue's freebie, The Vulture Droid!!

Pages 5 - 8 - The first part of the AWESOME 2 comics in every Issue! "Escape Through The Snow!" Han and Chewie have been sent on a mission to recover a mysterious Red box, there's always trouble lurking around the corner, and this trouble is in a suit of SILVER ARMOUR!! 

Page 9 - A questionaire puzzle!!  

Pages 10 - 13 - Part 2 of "Escape Through The Snow!" Comic! Find out if Han and Chewie escape with the loot! Featured in this are the First Order Tie Fighter and First Order Snow Speeder LEGO sets!

Page 14 -15 - A few more cool puzzles.

Page 16 - A file on one of the heroes from The Freemaker Adventures! Naare! Who looks a little like Kylo Ren!

Pages 17 - 20 - This is the middle page which has instructions to build the freebie Vulture Droid model. This is also a double page poster of Kylo Ren!

Page 21 - A Death Star Puzzle!

Pages 22 - 29 - The second Comic for the Issue "A Dangerous Delivery", While at the Freemaker base, the team are given a mission, to repair and deliver a VULTURE DROID which will steal intel from the Empire. Find out how they get on!!  

Pages 30 - 31 - A look at the new amazing LEGO Tie Striker!!  

Page 32 - Looks at the New Star Wars Books from Egmont including the awesome Star Wars Galactic Atlas!

Page 33 - WIN The NEW set of Star Wars Microfighters! Get the Issue to find out how to win!!

Page 34 - Teases the next issue which includes the Mini A-Wing fighter!!

The back page is a cut out and keep of The LEGO Millenium Falcon Poster or LEGO Kylo Ren's Shuttle!! 

The Freebie!! 


The ship of the Separatist Droid Army!

This little ship is only around 3 inches long but is a great representation of the original! It won't take long for you or your little one to put together, it took me about 5 minutes! 

The LEGO Star Wars magazine is available between 3rd May - 6th June and is priced at £3.99!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

DeAgostini Star Wars Helmet Collection Issues 32 & 33

More helmets from DeAgostini this month!! 


Issue 32 - Hoth Rebel Soldier

So this is one of the kind of easily overlooked helmets, I probably would have preferred the Luke Skywalker variant of this, with the wrapping around the helmet, and it's another where we scream WHAT ABOUT THE SOFT GOODS?! It's also a little different from the props used too, the goggles in the movie had a green tint to them, which clearly, this doesn't have. Sad, but this is probably my least favourite helmet of the collection.

The magazine starts off with the Database from KEL - KI, which includes Legendary Jedi Master Kenobi, an AWESOME two pages on info about him, spanning all the films and Animated series! 

The Kel-Dor Master Plo Koon and also Master Ki-Adi Mundi are included in this issue's Databank. 

Next is a History of the Hoth Rebel Soldiers, how they were put together and the mostly forgotten struggle and ultimate sacrifice they faced on Hoth as they were overwhelmed by forces of the Galactic Empire, led by Darth Vader. In the middle pages are also cross sections of the helmet itself and it's various parts, from the communications gear to the protective visor. 

A little about the weapons and gear of these brave soldiers is explained aswell as the next few pages which talk more about Echo Base and the various leaders who helped in the escape of the bombardment and clutches of the Imperials.

Lastly for the Highlight of the Saga is a little about the scene where Luke Skywalker is hunted by the Wampa and has to escape from the Ice Cave. Possibly one of the most amazing scenes in the original trilogy is where Luke's saber is pulled from the snow with The Force, which I may add is mirrored and again quite emotional in The Force Awakens!

The back page teases Commander Neyo's helmet, another of the Clones!

Issue 33 - Commander Neyo


You may or may not be able to see from the above picture, AGAIN how this helmet has been put together.. something like 4 pieces now. I so WISH I knew the process of putting together a model like this as it just feels they could have just a little better.. Being made up of the front mask, left and right sides, plus the top of the helmet, so many parts, it must be difficult to get them all to fit together. 

Unfortunately the helmet I have hasn't been put together that great and you can see the skewing where the pieces aren't quite next to each other properly. A real shame. The design is nice and simple and it's a great looking helmet as a whole, being slightly different from the regular clone helmets. 

In this issue's magazine, the Databank covers KIL - KAT, which includes the fan favourite Kitwarr, the Wookiee child who was saved by the Rebels in the very first series!! (If you've not seen Rebels you need to catch up!!)

We also see a Character who was played by one of my Facebook friends!! Corey Dee Williams! YES Lando's SON!! 

More of the Jedi Masters of the council are also included, Eeth Koth and Agen Kolar, as well as Jabba's Fool, Salacious Crumb. 

The middle pages as ever confirm the History of Commander Neyo, apparently among the first 100 Clones created. There's a cross section of his helmet and as such it's confirmed as to why it's slightly different from the other Clones helmets, Neyo was a Speeder Bike rider as part of the 91st Recon Corps. This part of the mag also confirms how Neyo betrayed and killed General/Jedi Master Adi Gallia, when Order 66 was issued.

Further details of Neyo's weapons confirm he was assigned to the Venator Class Star Destroyer, and for those who like details of the Republic Fleet, there's info on an array of ships. 

The Highlight of the Saga in this issue tells the story of "D Squad", one of the Pit Droids of the squad was assigned as Neyo's Pilot.   

Issue 34 promises a look at the guys who got to hit the big red button which destroyed Alderaan! 


They were just doing their job right? We'll find out I guess!

Get onto DeAgostini's website to start your subscription!! It's from £20 per month and for this you get two Helmets and Magazines! 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Star Wars Adventures Magazine Breakdown! Issue 26th Apr - 23rd May

Star Wars Adventures! - EXCLUSIVE TO THE UK!
OK, so there's only a few things which are exclusive to the UK and this is one of them! 

This magazine is aimed at older kids, probably around early teens and has some really cool freebies! 

First the magazine though! Here's the full breakdown of what you'll find in this months issue:

Pages 4 - 7 (1-3 are the Front cover and contents of this month): Rogue One Best Bits! That's it really, without spoiling the feature, it's the best bits of the new Smash Hit - ROGUE ONE! (NOW ON DVD!!) 

Pages 8 - 9: Which Hero Are You? Quiz, one of those, answer yes/no quizzes which leads you to either Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron or Jyn Erso..


Page 10:
An advert for the New "Quest For The Kyber Saber" book from Egmont!

Page 11: A competition to WIN the NEW Star Wars Adventures In Wild Space-  THE COLD (As per my review!)

Pages 12 - 13: Death Star Puzzles! Follow the trail, work out who's on the screen, Death star Double, and Spot the droid puzzles! 

Pages 14 - 15: The Story Of The Jedi: A neat little peak into the timeline of the Jedi as we know it from the Films. Only a few snippets, pretty cool though. 

Page 16: Spot the Difference, a really nice landscape of Tie Strikers here!

Page 17: A chance to WIN the new "The Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars"!! 

Page 18 - 19: A double page poster of Poe's Black X-Wing from The Force Awakens.

Page 20: A chance to trace Baze Malbas and then be able to colour him in. 

Page 21: A Maze Puzzle featuring the Falcon!

Pages 22 - 23: A double page poster/fact-file of C3-PO

Pages 24 - 29: One of the main reasons to get this Mag is for the Comics from the LEGENDS library! It's no longer Canon, but VERY awesome to read! This months issue is "Captain Threepio" which first made it's appearance in Star Wars Tales 8! It's all about Threepio needing to step up and take charge for once! He does pretty well.. 

Pages 30 - 31: How To Make a Lightsaber!! Apparently.. it's really just a few facts about this ancient.. civilized weapon.. Here's a few ways to make a lightsaber!! Or you can buy yourself one HERE!

Pages 32 - 33: A double page spread of puzzles here!! 

Page 34 & 35: Join the dots puzzle to create BB-8, a tease to the next issue which includes a Rebel Disc Shooter PLUS an R2-D2 Stampeez!

Back Page: A great Propaganda poster from Sienar Fleet Systems (who build the Tie Fighters).


A cool hand firing rocket, which goes pretty far.. 

..and a C3-P0 Stampeez! This is pretty cool, it's a little bust/statue type thing, made of a sturdy rubber and you can ink up the bottom to get a cool stamped image.. I think the one I got was either a bit of a dud or I didn't use enough ink.. I just used a pen, pretty cool though! Can't wait for R2's one next issue!! 

Lastly a GREAT nod to the Vintage Toy's of old!! STICKERS!!!


The Star Wars Adventures Magazine is available now, until 23rd May and is priced at £3.99!