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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Star Wars: Identities!

What Is It?

Star Wars Identities is an exhibition, currently showing the O2 in London. 

The show is designed to take a nose dive into the identities of our favourite characters aswell as teaching visitors about what males US tick and how you as a person grows, in terms of who influences us and how we react.

Aswell as some awesome interactivity regarding the above, there's some amazing props and obviously this is accompanied by a history of the props and even how certain characters were imagined and then brought to life. 

What I Thought

When I was originally advised of Star Wars Identities I was extremely excited, obviously, I'm a Star Wars fan. Anyway, I was thinking I'd be going on my own and then invited my 8 year old along for some Father/Son bonding, he LOVES learning and museums, so because of his appreciation for Star Wars too, this was a perfect combo. In the end MY Father also came with us, so there was 3 generations of my family.

The props were amazing, as above, there was tons of info about these that even as a seasoned fan there was stuff I didn't know. 

It was also great to see how some of our favourite characters were brought to life, from the imagination stage where they were mere sketches, to the models so you can see them evolve and then learn about their distinct characteristics. 

I interactivity came in the form of an audio walk, where there were audio stations along the way, as well as lots of videos, each explaining each part of the exhibit. There was also a wireless wristband we had to wear throughout and with this answer certain questions to create our Star Wars Character and learn about their living journey. I'll come back to them at the end of this review.

The questions:
10 questions, to be answered using the interactive wristband, to ultimately create your Star Wars image. This was alot of fun! I'll run through the questions very quickly for you..
1. Species - Nice and simple.. are you a boring Human? or maybe a Bith? It's up to you! 

2. What were you born with? Strength? Intelligence? Whats your most prominent attribute and the all important question, how Force sensitive are you?! If at all? 

3. How were you raised? What parenting style did your parents take? Did they let you roam free? or did you have chores to be done before you have any kind of fun?

4. What planet are you from? And when you were there, what did you and your family do while growing up? Did you go on holiday?

5. Who do you look up to? Who were your mentors growing up? Who helped build you as a person, Physically, Spiritually and Intellectually?

6.  Who do you hang out with? Friends and family?

7. Which Experiences have marked you? How have they affected you as a person?

8. What do you do? What's your job?

9. How do you behave? What kind of person are you? Easygoing, Happy to learn?

10. What's Important to you? Aspirations? What leads your choices?

Finally, Do you go Dark Side? Or Light Side? 

As you can see from the questions above, at the same time as being very fun building your own Star Wars character, OR you could go through this exhibit answering the questions as yourself! Which is actually what I did.. albeit to choosing a species and background story for the homeworld.
My Father the joker.. 
My 8 year old Son.

To take home, you get an e-mail with your characters picture, plus an amalgamation of information based on how you answered the questions, which is really like your characters bio.

The Verdict!

The whole exhibit was alot of fun and there's so much still to learn about the props.. Take this mural for example, which was in the scene when Anakin confronted the Emperor in Revenge Of The Sith. It apparently tells the story of the Sith battling the Jedi, why didn't the Jedi notice this and ask about it??! 

The only disappointing thing about this exhibition was actually the shop! It was SO ludicrously expensive! It's no wonder they manage to sell anything!! £8 for a keyring??! No thanks! I desperately wanted a programme which was packed with every part of the exhibition pieces, BUT this was £20!! 

The Star Wars Identities Exhibit will be at the O2 until September 3rd so there's still plenty of time to take a peek! Click HERE to book your tickets!