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Friday, 10 March 2017

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - Quadjumper Vs Sabines Tie Fighter

Whats This All About?

This month I've been sent 2 more fantastic ships to review and bit to the test against each other!

First up!

The Quadjumper -

Aesthetically pleasing, it's kind of a quick little freighter which looks really cool. Paintwork as usual FFG have done amazingly well at making this looks firstly authentic to the 5th of a second we saw it in The Force Awakens, and second it has the lived in look which is also great. 

As you can see from the maneuver dial it can go backwards which brings in a whole new tactic to the game. Its also pretty quick, but hard to turn in small spaces. So watch out for those asteroid fields!! I also like the fact it can still perform the K-turn though, that's extremely handy in combat!

The pilot cards:
Now because of the way I am I really like to play whats usually the lowest pilot skill, which is a random character, in this case the Jakku Gunrunner. Its bog standard, you can see from the cards below it's stats, I just wished it had a few shields! 

As far as I understand, being Unkar Plutt will assist you with moving around your bumped enemy, so why not throw them into an asteroid? Bowling in the Star Wars Universe?!.. 

Sarco Plank will give you the edge on defense, and Constable Zuvio, (our 3.75" figure peg warmer) will totally kick some butt! Reversing and dumping a bomb! NICE!! 

 How does this stuff work?? A few info cards for you: :)


So here are all the Upgrade cards provided with the ship! I won't talk about each as there are lots.. my faves though have to be (apologies for the resolution!):


Thermal Detonators - The option to drop bombs to cause damage on unsuspecting enemies is always good fun!!

Spacetug Tractor Array - I'm very much attack, Attack, ATTACK! So this option for me again helps when you need to throw an enemy ship about a bit!

All in all, it will be extremely interesting to see this ship in action, it seems to have it where it counts, bombs, tractor beam, just not much in the way of defense.. we'll have to see I guess..

Sabines Tie Fighter -

A seriously good looking ship IMO I've always been a fan of the Tie Fighters in general as they're kind if the underdog ships of the Star Wars Universe, they have no shields but maneuverability is pretty amazing, as you can see from the dial: 

Some great pilot cards here too:

Ahsoka Tano helps to provide a little extra cover from your friendly ships within Range 1, Sabine Wren lets you use the barrel roll action without having to actually use an action (a quick barrel roll is very handy when avoiding enemy fire!), Captain Rex enables suppresive fire so if the enemy attacks, they must use 1 less attack dice! "Zeb" Orrelios is my favourite here as when he's attacked he can cancel "Crits" before standard hits!! 

More workings of stuff :) :

Upgrade cards! : 

Again, you can see them in the picture and my faves are:

Captured Tie - Which limits who can attack you until you're the last ship standing!

EMP Device - Totally messes with the maneuverability of enemy ships! LOVE IT!

I love Tie's and therefore of the above I think the Sabines Tie is probably my favourite.. unfortunately my son loves the Rebels and I think I'm going to therefore play as scum in our next game.. I'll provide a full report on how this goes though and will update this post a link to the "Game" post, once it's done. 

Both of these ships above are available to purchase NOW! You can get them online at

Sabines Tie - RRP £12.99

The Quadjumper -  RRP £13.99

For more info on the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures line up, check out Fantasy Flight Games Official Website