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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Toy Review! Star-Lords Elemental Blasters!

What is it?

A pair of Star-Lords Elemental Blasters from the upcoming hit movie Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2!

What we thought

NERF had a great version of this blaster for the original movie release, but these in my mind blow NERF out of the water! Ok, so you press a button and it popped open to fire the darts, BUT.. did it have sound? NO! Did you get TWO in a pack? NO!! Was it really worth it's price tag??! MAYBE!...


Anyway, with that out of the way, this PAIR of Electronic sounding blasters which ALSO fire darts are brilliant! The sounds are great (only 2 on each but hey!) and they are actually a little smaller for mini Star Lords like mine! 

The pic below shows my son with his Nerf blaster, its pretty big and only one of them.. He does look pretty cool though doesn't he!?

The Verdict

Ok, so I'm not too sure about the darts that come with this, they're pretty hard and I'd be worried about "poking someones eye out"! with those (they fire pretty far too!), however, if I'm completely honest, the electronic aspect of these blasters is what really sold them for me, totally completes my sons costume, they're the perfect size for him! 

Order yours online EXCLUSIVELY at the Disneystore! They go for only £22.99! So for just over a tenner for each blaster, (for a near replica) for your child is really great! JUST DO IT!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 will be released on April 28th!! HERE's the trailer!