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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cartamundi Card Game Review! My Little Pony SHUFFLE!

So this is probably my first girlie kind of review, but I'm completely up for it. Previously I've only really reviewed boys stuff because I have an 8 year old with a good imagination that can give me good feedback to help out with these reviews.

My daughter is now nearing 4 years old and becoming (lets just say) a little more vocal.. 

What is it?

This is one of the SHUFFLE games from Cartamundi that can be played just as the cards are, or for a little more interactivity, you can use the related app.

What we thought?

Being a card game, and being a girlie game my Wife was happy to play with us. That is me, my son and my daughter. Great, Family Board Game night! 

So we got the cards out of the nifty box and I started to read the rules.. now I'd usually give this job to the wife as shes better at understanding stuff.. I actually put it on myself as I already had confidence it wouldn't be too difficult as my son and I had very quickly learn the rules to Transformers SHUFFLE a few weeks earlier.. 

The rules were pretty simple.. a little like Dominoes but you have four directions for your paths. We each had a pony and one square of the path is laid by each player on their turn, on these paths are half Gems (the same as on our Pony cards) and also, sometimes Celestia, who reigns (pun intended) over the Pony.. er.. land?

Anyway, paths are laid and Half gems make whole ones meaning a point for the matching colour Pony. The end of the game is when all the patch cards have been used and its then the task of counting all your gems and the player with the most wins, you also get an extra point where Celestia is on your Gem cards. 

The Verdict

A very easy game to play, but I'd say a definite hit with the little ones. My daughter loved it when she matched up her gems and let out the occasional YAYYY! When she did so. I was really please she understood the rules too a d needed little to no help matching up the cards to the gems and placing them down on the table. 

There was also an extra rule which I think was a really nice touch. You have to say "Thank you" when someone matches one of your gems for you. Manners should always come into games like this, and we almost made a game out of the rule too! "You didn't say thank you, you wont get your point!" And giggles ensued between the younger players. 

It was a lot of fun! I think I'd like to try out a few of the other Cartamundi SHUFFLE games, I believe they have some news on the horizon too of which I will keep you updated with!

My Little Pony SHUFFLE is available in all Good toy stores and anywhere they sell Card games, RRP £6.99, you'll find this discounted on