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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

DeAgostini Star Wars Helmet Collection! Issues 28 & 29!

More great helmets from DeAgostini this month!! 

Issue 28 - Coruscant Emergency Crew

This helmet does look really nice, its just not lived in enough for me, the detail is spot on to the props used, but it just needs more of a chrome look and By the looks of it the pipes are the slightly lighter than they should be. 

The magazine for this issue starts of with the Databank from JAM to JED, which includes information about Wes Janson, Kanan Jarrus, as well as the Jedi in general, loads of info there which covers all 7 of the films. 

Next in the mag is a history about the characters which made up the Emergency Crew, a little about their lives, including education and also the fact that in some cases former clone troopers were in the ranks! 

In the middle pages are a few side views, detailing the specifics of the helmet and what purposes some of the parts actually do. I always love these parts of the mag as it gives a reality aspect to the world.

The uniform and vehicles are also referred to in the following pages, and there's also a bit about firefighting in general in the Star Wars universe, the way they use Droids and even Battle Droids to become Emergency Fire Crews. R2D2 gets a nice mention here too! 

The Highlights of the Saga outlines the Fire Crews responsibility when the Invisible Hand came crashing out of space to "land" on Coruscant. 

The back page teases a few of the following helmets, Senate Guard, Poe Dameron and also Boushh Helmets. As well as Issue 29... 

 Issue 29 - Imperial Snowtrooper

A simple helmet, but a very much loved character in fandom, people go mad for building squads of these!

As I say this helmet is extremely simple, it really is a "Buckethead" the top part is practically a mold of the At-At driver but with an extra part with eye holes, and then material hanging down. Again no soft goods here, but it looks pretty material-like. Like the previous helmet, this is too clean, I wanted to see maybe a few scrapes and blemishes, as per the magazine photo.

The magazine starts with the Databank of JEL to JUN and includes goodies like Dexster Jettster and Qui-Gon Jinn aswell as other characters from The Clone Wars and ships from the Canon Comics! I love how thorough DeAgostini are with this Databank!

What follows is a history lesson into the Snowtroopers, or "Cold Weather Assault Troopers" as they are formally know. This also goes into detail about "Blizzard Force" which was apparently one of the "..most feared groups within the Imperial army.." ..hmm.. cool..

The Imperial Fleet in general is then broken down into the different types of Ships (as in the big ones!). Then the Highlight of the Saga in this issue is a breakdown of some of the pinnacle moments and storylines of The Empire Strikes Back, more precisely the Battle of Hoth.

The back page is a little annoying as it's usually the teaser to the upcoming issues and it states Issue 29, which is THIS issue, aswell as the next one which we already know is going to be the Senate Guard. I'm looking forward to that one though as I've just started collecting merchandise regarding the Royal Guard, of which was born from the Senate guard..

Get onto DeAgostini's website to start your subscription!! It's from £20 per month and for this you get two Helmets and Magazines!