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Monday, 22 May 2017

The Official LEGO Star Wars Magazine Available 3rd May - 6th June!


What is this? 

This is the newest Issue of LEGO Star Wars Magazine!

It's out NOW in all awesome bookstores, for £3.99 and for that you get a great mag which I'll breakdown for you, aswell as an awesome Lego Mini Model OR Lego MINIFIGURE! It's worth getting JUST for the freebie if you ask me! 

The Mag!

Lets Go Under the Covers! 

So, I'll give you a page by page breakdown but I'm not going to give you absolutely everything so go and buy it after reading this review! 

Pages 3 (Page 1 is the cover) - An intro to the mag which a nice big picture of Director Krennic's Shuttle as in Rogue One!

Page 4 - A breakdown specification of this issue's freebie, The Vulture Droid!!

Pages 5 - 8 - The first part of the AWESOME 2 comics in every Issue! "Escape Through The Snow!" Han and Chewie have been sent on a mission to recover a mysterious Red box, there's always trouble lurking around the corner, and this trouble is in a suit of SILVER ARMOUR!! 

Page 9 - A questionaire puzzle!!  

Pages 10 - 13 - Part 2 of "Escape Through The Snow!" Comic! Find out if Han and Chewie escape with the loot! Featured in this are the First Order Tie Fighter and First Order Snow Speeder LEGO sets!

Page 14 -15 - A few more cool puzzles.

Page 16 - A file on one of the heroes from The Freemaker Adventures! Naare! Who looks a little like Kylo Ren!

Pages 17 - 20 - This is the middle page which has instructions to build the freebie Vulture Droid model. This is also a double page poster of Kylo Ren!

Page 21 - A Death Star Puzzle!

Pages 22 - 29 - The second Comic for the Issue "A Dangerous Delivery", While at the Freemaker base, the team are given a mission, to repair and deliver a VULTURE DROID which will steal intel from the Empire. Find out how they get on!!  

Pages 30 - 31 - A look at the new amazing LEGO Tie Striker!!  

Page 32 - Looks at the New Star Wars Books from Egmont including the awesome Star Wars Galactic Atlas!

Page 33 - WIN The NEW set of Star Wars Microfighters! Get the Issue to find out how to win!!

Page 34 - Teases the next issue which includes the Mini A-Wing fighter!!

The back page is a cut out and keep of The LEGO Millenium Falcon Poster or LEGO Kylo Ren's Shuttle!! 

The Freebie!! 


The ship of the Separatist Droid Army!

This little ship is only around 3 inches long but is a great representation of the original! It won't take long for you or your little one to put together, it took me about 5 minutes! 

The LEGO Star Wars magazine is available between 3rd May - 6th June and is priced at £3.99!