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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Star Wars Adventures Magazine Breakdown! Issue 24th May - 20th June 2017!

Star Wars Adventures! - EXCLUSIVE TO THE UK!
OK, so there's only a few things which are exclusive to the UK and this is one of them! 

This magazine is aimed at older kids, probably around early teens and has some really cool freebies! 

First the magazine though! Here's the full breakdown of what you'll find in this months issue:

Pages 2 - 3 (Page 1 is the cover!): A nice spread of the newest Star Wars Pop! Vinyls from FUNKO!

Pages 4 - 7:
The Galaxies Toughest Warriors! All the faves are here, From the Light side of the Force aswell as the Dark!

Pages 8 - 9:
A puzzle page which pays Homage to the Vintage Figures!!

Page 10: An advert for the New Star Wars "Book of the Film" Junior Novel Collection from Egmont!

Page 11:
An Exert from the new Star Wars Doodles Strike Back book from Egmont!

Pages 12 - 15:
Part one of this months awesome comic from the Legends Library! "Nameless" from Star Wars Tales 10 (Currently only £1.49 on Kindle!!) tells the tale of Maul naming his double bladed lightsaber!

Pages 16 - 17:
Spot the difference and Kylo Ren Puzzles!

Page 18 - 19:
A massive quad page poster the original 3 heroes. Plus a double page spread of Rey and BB8.

Page 21:
WIN! Cool FUNKO Wobblers! These are cuter than the standard POP! Vinyls, very nice!!

Pages 22 - 23:
A double page poster/fact-file of the Bounty Hunters we saw in The Empire Strikes Back!

Pages 24 - 25: The Story of Anakins/Lukes Lightsaber! Follow the steps which led it to Rey's hands in The Force Awakens!

Pages 26 - 29:
Part two of the "Nameless" Legends comic!

Pages 30 - 31:
A factfile on the galaxy's favourite Droid! R2-D2!!

Pages 32 - 33:
Rogue One Puzzles! "Codecracker" using Aurabesh! Love those ones!!

Pages 34 - 35:
Join the dots puzzles to create The Falcon & A Stormtrooper, and a tease to the next issue which includes Rebel Gliders PLUS a Boba Fett Stampeez!


A cool wrist disc shooter! This thing is pretty lethal in the hands of an 8 year old! Force Attax Cards..

..and an R2-D2 Stampeez! Very cool!

Lastly there's also quite a few stickers inside the mag too, mostly brilliant art featuring Rogue One and The Force Awakens Heroes.

The Star Wars Adventures Magazine is available now, until 20th June and is priced at £4.99!