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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Welcome to the New Site - DeAgostini Star Wars Helmet Collection!

Welcome to the Scavenger UK Blogsite! Yes the Podcast has now gone, hopefully not forever, but for the time being this is how I'm going to be bringing you all the good Star Wars and also other Toy stuff! 

For this post I'll be reviewing the Helmets and Magazines from my favourite collecting company, DeAgostini!  

These issues comprise of Number 26 which is the Y-Wing Pilot, a favorite among Star Wars starship lovers, aswell as Number 27 which is the gorgeous green helmet of dear now HEADLESS (Thanks to Master Yoda) Commander Gree! 

First up, 

Issue 26 - The Y-Wing Pilot Helmet:

The helmet, albeit a little too clean for my liking, is a really nice representation of the prop used in the films. As far as I can tell, this particular prop helmet belonged to Grey Two, a Lieutenant Telsij, but don't quote me on that.. the interwebs are pretty sketchy! 

The Magazine which accompanies the prop starts off as ever with the Databank, from IMP - INQ, so there's alot of Imperial content here to keep you IMP lovers at bay! There's also some love for the much loved Vintage toy the Imperial Troop Transport! Definitely a databank to check out if you like the baddies..  

In the middle pages there's some great history about the Y-Wing pilots which was really nice as they are somewhat in the background in the films and on the surface didn't really seem to do much, just drop a few bombs and then drop like flies in the trenches of the Death Star. But these few pages here really nicely detail the reasoning behind using this ships in battles and also how they actually assisted in the battles of Yavin and Endor. 

The helmet itself gets a nice inside look on the fold out pages and there's some nice details to be seen here. 

The Y-Wing pilot is then broken down into Uniform and Equipment, weapons and also a little information about the rest of the rebel alliance too, including the Rebel Soldiers, Technicians and Ground Personnel. 

Due to the nature of the Y-wing and where they took part in the Saga, the next few pages concentrate on Yavin Base and there's more about the Rebel leaders, pilots and also a few of the vital areas of the base, like the War Room and Ceremony Room. 

Lastly in Issue 26 we get a timeline and a highlight of when Anakin Skywalker lead Shadow Squadron's Y-Wings into battle against General Greivous's Heavy Cruiser the Malevolence, I'm kinda glad the podcast stopped as I'd probably need a few goes at saying Malevolence

The back page teases issue 27 which is Commander Gree's green helmet! 

Issue 27 - Commander Gree Clone Trooper Helmet:

Wow, so this helmet, as I hope you can see from the picture is gorgeous! Not without it's fault mind you, there's that little part in the middle of the brow that for a few issues now just doesn't link together quite right, this also makes the paint job look a little off too, however the green really Pops! And it's a great looking helmet.
Commander Gree worked closely with Yoda during the Battle of Kashyyyk and then the poor guy lost his head when he stupidly tried to take out the wise old Master, what a numpty..

As for the magazine, the Databank covers INT - JAK and covers some great stuff! I'm always amazed at the amount of information of just the slightest mention of the items, vehicles or aliens, everything has a background and use.. amazing really.. Jabba gets a massive space of this Databank so check it out!

In the middle fold out pages there's a great breakdown of Gree, how he got his name, where he was allocated and also details of the betrayal of Order 66 and also as always the cutaways of the helmet and some good detailed info regarding what all the bits and pieces are. Following that is a little about Gree's weapons and then keeping with the scenes of Kashyyyk there's some info about the Wookies, weapons, vehicles and also more info about the battle itself.

At the back of this issue it teases the first of next months issues, which is the Coruscant Emergency Crew, these are the guys that helped put out the fires of the Invisible Hand when Anakin "Landed" it at the beginning of Episode 3.

Check out DeAgostini's website for more info on these issues and how to subscribe to the collection. It truely is worth the £20 per month, you get two issues for that, plus you can get some great other collectables like the R2D2 USB stick and also the binders to keep the magazines nice and tidy!