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Monday, 13 February 2017

Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found - Now on Playstation 4!!

Toy Odyssey - The Lost And The Found

What is it?

This is the new gorgeous platform game from Digital Smash.

Its been out on Xbox One and Steam for a short while, but now available on the Playstation 4!

What do I need to know?

This game is centered around TOYS! Hence me reviewing this game :)  

The story goes that a family just moved into their new home and 'Brand' a brave little Manga type robot toy has been tasked with locating lost toys and also toys which have been lost to the 'Dark'. 


This side scrolling platform game has you running through rooms, jumping about on furniture Mario style, but this isnt the 8 or 16 bit games of times gone by. This game is simply beautiful. It has a real creepy Tim Burton style to the game, greys and blues and lots of shadows and blackness as you explore. All the while the music in the background keeps you wondering along with kids crying, is actually quite scary!

So how does it play?

This game is extremely easy to control, there are quite a few buttons to use because of the other aspects of the game but is fairly easy to pick up.

The aim of the game is to explore your owners house to locate lost toys and defend against toys which have been lost to darkness. 

In relation to the controls and basic playability there's a nice little tutorial and helpful tips along the way. The only thing with this though is that the writing is a little small and only flashes up for a few seconds so you need to keep an eye out. These are readily available if you hit pause though so to be honest its not a massive problem. 


There's also a building element to the game too where you find materials which allow you to upgrade and also build new weapons and defenses. These are VERY extensive, being able to build I think it was four different types of sword which have the potential of TONS of special abilities. Its not just swords either, it's swords, daggers, shields, throwing items, and even magic! 

'Defenses' allow you to build up a kind of base in your owners starting room which is also a really nice touch, it gives you more to do, although I'm not too sure how much I like this part of the game.. everything else though? IS GREAT! 

It's really fun running through the various rooms, having to climb on everything, obviously there's a puzzle kind of element too because you're a toy, you sometimes have to explore rooms with locked doors so you need to find keys or another way around, and sometimes this means you need to use ventilation shafts to a higher or lower room. 

The baddies are actually pretty cute and unsuspecting.. e.g. You can tell if a toy like a wrestler looking guy is a friend or foe as he'll fire a few rounds of machine gun fire at you.. even mini tanks and dark ninja's make it easy to spot. However, when an origami swan flies over to you, you're just not going to think that he/she could possibly harm you.. it does.. KILL IT!! 

So yeah, initially you have a plastic sword, which has a nice swishy sound as you use it, very much like the games of old which I love! There's also the throwing item too, so far I've had axes! They're good fun too. As I said you have to upgrade your items to become more powerful, and this is done by collecting certain items, nuts, bolts, wood, iron etc, it's good fun as its a simplistic platform game meshed together with some newer popular types of games, like the building and upgrading. 

If you die in the game, no worries, you just wait until the following "night" and you'll come back alive. You don't actually have to wait 24 hours thank goodness, but it keeps track of how many lives you've used but it IS unlimited! 

So, The verdict?

It's a really nice platform game, and for the more seasoned gamer, there's enough to keep you interested. 

I really like it, it's only one player, so having an 8 year old who's just getting into gaming it would have been nice to have a multiplayer mode. Something like Mario where it splits the screen if you move too far apart maybe.. it's an idea anyway. Still really fun as single player :) 

The game is available to download from the Playstation Store from TOMORROW! And you'll LOVE the price! $13.49!!! So for this Valentines Day, give the gift of gaming.. !!

Please click HERE for the games trailer!