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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Official LEGO Star Wars Magazine Available 8th Feb - 7th March!

What is this? 

This is the newest Issue of LEGO Star Wars Magazine!

It's out NOW in all awesome bookstores, for £3.99 and for that you get a great mag which I'll breakdown for you, aswell as an awesome Lego Mini Model OR Lego MINIFIGURE! It's worth getting JUST for the freebie if you ask me! 

The Mag!


Lets Go Under the Covers! 

So, I'll give you a page bu page breakdown but I'm not going to give you absolutely everything so go and buy it after reading this review! 

Pages 3 & 4 (Page 1 is the cover) - A really nice look at the BIG version of the Ghost and also a good breakdown of stats and confirmation of it's crew.

Pages 5 - 8 - The first part of the AWESOME 2 comics in every Issue! "Save the Millennium Falcon!" This comic see's Jabba being crafty as ever, hiring BOSSK and BOBA FETT to steal the Falcon to lure Han Solo into a trap!

Page 9 - A cool deciphering puzzle using Aurabesh!!  

Pages 10 - 13 - Part 2 of "Save the Millennium Falcon!" Comic! Leia is Han's "Only Hope" and tries to get back the Falcon. A fight breaks out and Chewie and Han zoom onto the scene on Wheel Bikes just like General Grevious' from Revenge of the Sith. Get the issue to see what happens!

Page 14 - Another puzzle to figure out what extra parts have been added to the Falcon (from Rex's AT-TE)

Page 15 - This is a dot-to-dot, to find out What Ship is shown, I used to LOVE dot to dots.. 

Page 16 - An Imperial Fact File on Hera Syndulla.

Pages 17 - 20 - This is the middle page which has instructions to build the freebie Ghost model. This is also a double page poster of Kanan, Zeb and Ezra!

Page 21 - Rebels without a name, basically complete the names for each Rebel.

Pages 22 - 29 - The second Comic for the Issue "A Time To Shine", On Seelos, the remainder of the 501st clones, run into some trouble with their AT-TE when an Acklay attacks them, it's then "Crazy Gregor's" time to shine to get the AT-TE back up and running! Get this issue to see how it pan's out! 

Pages 30 - 31 - An awesome look at the LEGO sets Encounter on Jakku and Battle on Takodana!!  

Page 32 - Looks at the New Official LEGO Star Wars Annual for 2017 from Egmont!! 

Page 33 - WIN The NEW Lego Tie Striker and Krennic's Imperial Shuttle! Get the Issue to find out how to win!!

Page 34 - Teases the next issue which includes the LEGO MINIFIGURE Imperial Combat Driver! Also two more great comics from Martin Fisher! 

The back page is a cut out and keep of Fact File "cards" for Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca and Ahsoka Tano! Lots of cool info on these!! 

The Freebie!! 

Look! It's the Ghost!! The now iconic ship featured heavily in The Star Wars Rebels series aswell as very breif moments of the Box Office Smash hit Rogue One! 

This little ship is only around 3 inches long but is a great representation of the original! It won't take long for you or your little one to put together, I think my son put it together in about 10minutes, good fun though and he was soon zooming it across the table! 

The LEGO Star Wars magazine is available between 8th Feb - 7th March and is priced at £3.99!

Thanks so much to Egmont for providing this review copy!