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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hasbro New Star Wars toys for 2017 and 40th Anniversary!!

Hasbro have just teased a few of the new line of toys for the 40th Anniversary and also for the new (soon to be record breaking!) Star Wars Sequel, Episode 8 - The Last Jedi!!  All ahead of the New York Toy Fair!

I'm going to break down what we've seen so far and give my review of them.. this is all based on what I've seen and speculation, so hopefully a bit of fun! 

Poe Dameron Black Series Electronic Helmet:

As you can see from the pictures it really looks amazing! Very shiny, and definitely screen accurate from what I can see.. 

We've been advised that this helmet is electronic BUT I'm sorry to say, unless Hasbro does ALOT of work to this element I don't think it's going to be much cop. Like the Stormtrooper Helmet, it just didnt have the intensity for the mic and speakers to be effective, yes the helmet itself looked amazing, but if you're expecting the "whole package" you were disappointment. I really hope the electric element is sorted as this has ALOT of potential to be out of this world!! I've also heard speculation they could release a white and blue version too!

Word on the street is that this will be the same price as the Stormtrooper Black series Helmet, so around $69.99 or more like £79.99 in our case.. #Sadface

Next up is a personal favourite of mine, from the Bladebuilders line - The Path of the Force:

Now this is in fact pretty interesting as it's slated to have The Last Jedi packaging on it, usually signifying it's from the film.. are we possibly seeing Rey's newly constructed lightsaber? While this is in my mind, it's also odd that the additional parts pictured look very lightside (the silver one with the Jedi symbol), however this is also strange as from what I understand the Jedi symbol stopped being used shortly after the Clone Wars, so unless Luke has found it somewhere, possibly in the temple on Ahch-To; its very odd that it's here.. it could also mean that speculation about it being The Last Jedi branded is entirely wrong. 

The other piece looks decidedly Sithy, or at least Dark side.. we know that Rey destroyed Kylo's lightsaber in the Force Awakens, or at least that's what it looked like.. So could we be seeing a teaser of his new lightsaber?   At this point we really don't know but it's fun speculating right!? That darker piece also looks like the red prongs fan out at the click of a button, so that could be a cool new hilt design.. 

The main hilt itself, looks very much neutral, obviously so you can interchange the included parts. The blade is also clear which would usually mean the blade has the option of at least 2 colours.. which even more (as I've been writing and thinking) confirms that this is probably NOT canon and just another cool new set for the Bladebuilder range, we will not doubt see Rey's lightsaber depicted as a "blade-to-be-builded" (hehe!) but not at the moment.. Stay tuned!! Hasbro have it allllllll figured out!! 

I'm gonna put it out there that this will be another £29.99 - £39.99 pricetag..

Last of the new line, is the NERF Glowstrike Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster!:

It's a BIG GUN.. ok blaster, which fire's NERF darts, it makes firing sounds, and the end of the barrel should (if it's anything like the new Rogue One Blasters) light up when you pull the trigger. It's also a BIG GUN! Did I mention that already?

It looks awesome and will number 1 give kids an awesome time firing this, I really hope it fires using an electric motor.. number 2 us bigger kids will LOVE tricking it out in realistic colours and adding to costumes!

Um, £49.99-£59.99 anyone? Maybe?

Lastly, on THE STAR WARS SHOW (Love those guys!) we got to see the newest 6" Black Series Figure in some very Shiny packaging! 

Apologies for the very crude screenshot from You Tube.. Now what REALLY gets my goat is that firstly I'm not too enamored with the Shiny Packaging.. it just makes it look a little cheap.. BUT I have not seen this in the flesh as yet, but even on the Star Wars Show it didn't look massively appealing to me.. 

ALSO.. WHY Luke in X-Wing gear? We already had him back in 2013 (thanks Jedi Business! ) He was the first 6" Black Series.. Totally cannot understand why we haven't seen an Old Luke Skywalker from The Force Awakens/The Last Jedi.. surely that would have make more sense.. or even a 6" for the very first time we saw Luke.. remember the Tatooine sunset? 

It would have been great to get him with his macro bins, shielded training helmet and lightsaber.. I seldom put my personal quirks in my blogs because I don't want to seem like I'm ranting, but this just really got to me. 

Other new 40th Anniversary figures include the following:

6" Centrepeice Black Series - $50 each apparently! (£59.99 for UK? possibly..) Quite expensive but it does look amazing, Bliiming X-Wing Luke again!! hehe.. Bit of a step up from the Unleashed range, but alot more expensive too, also looks like it may light up?

These also look REALLY nice, and I may end up getting a couple of these, they're slated to be around the $15 mark, so probably about £20 for us in the UK:

Keep checking back for more info on upcoming Toys from Hasbro and other awesome Geeky companies! Looking forward to New York Toy Fair this weekend!! BRING IT ON!!