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Monday, 27 February 2017

Cartamundi Card Games Review: Transformers SHUFFLE

The Prologue:

Card games, card games have always scared me really.. being brought up on card games like Rumme and Go Fish, more recently Poker: 5 Card Draw. But way back when I tried out THE STAR WARS CUSTOMISABLE CARD GAME, I can't say it and I also sure as hell can't play it!! So many rules so confusing!! 

All is well in Star Wars land though as I found Star Wars Destiny!!! And am getting on very well!! If you'd like to hear more about that you can go over to where I have a few of my old ScavengerUK Podcast episodes :) 

Transformers SHUFFLE!

What is it?

Right onto the review at hand!! With the above in mind it was extremely refreshing to play a new card game that (GASP!!) wasn't Star Wars and was VERY easy to pick up in the first few minutes!! 

That game is a battle game where each player have to win territories.. the first to win four of them wins!

What we thought!

Obviously, having the Transformers license firstly excited my 8 year old, the card art is based on the Cartoon Networks version of Transformers, which suits us fine as we'd managed to see the first and second series of the show!  Brilliant stuff!! So yeah the game relies on 4 different types of attack and each Transformer included in the pack has different lines (they look like lightsabers ;) ) which symbolise the 4 types, if the lines on the territory match the lines on your card then you battle via numbers in the corner of the cards which will confirm who won, the higher wins obviously. 

You can also team up with some of your other Bots, but you need to be careful as you only have 10 Autobots / Decepticons to battle and you could end up battling on up to eight territories! 

Apart from the above battle rules, there's also an additional element of Mission Control cards which throw extra rules into the mix, along the lines of not needing all Types of attack on that round, or an extra point when battling. 

One last point to mention is that you can get quite a few games in too, with only about 15 minutes per game, it's really goo to play if you're like me and have to get the kids to bed shortly after getting in from work!

The Verdict!

This is a really fun game and VERY easy to pick up, as I said in the Prologue it's great diving into a game like this with my son and not having to spend the first 30mins just reading and understanding the rules! We read through twice and were playing in less than 10 minutes! 

Get Transformers Shuffle NOW it's on aswell as other good Toyshops and card game retail stores. 

Stay Tuned! I'll be reviewing My Little Pony SHUFFLE very soon!!!