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Monday, 27 February 2017

Book Review! The DC Comics Encyclopedia! From DK!

What is it? 

The last time a DC Character Encyclopedia was released, was 2008. This brand new(ish) book was available on 3rd October 2016 published by the much loved, multi licensed giant, DK.

What I thought?

From A.R.G.U.S. to Maxie Zeus, there's amazing attention to detail with every entry of the Character, if you need to know more about a DC Character then this is the book to have!

There's specifics in here such as the first time they entered a comic and also their last inclusion and there are OVER 1,000 of them!!

For each of the characters that have been a part of another team or associated with another team, all the details are included!! Aswell as if there have been several incarnations of them, you REALLY need to check out THE FLASH page! AWESOMESAUCE!


The great thing about this book is first and foremost it feels like EVERY character is included, there's also the lesser known characters in the back of the book in a Roll Call.

Well, my son and I are MAHUSIVE DC fans, we love The Flash and The Arrow, aswell as the other series' I need to catch up on!! He and I look through these Encyclopedia's together, DK also did the Marvel Encyclopedia, of which myself and my son constantly thumb through during the watching of films and shows.

The Verdict!

I think it's just a REALLY nice addition to a fans collection, to have the details about every character of the universe.. it just makes sense! 

Amazon has this book at a great price at the moment, so get on and buy it! This book is such a great reference book and also a nice coffee table read! 

The DC Comics Encyclopedia, published by DK, out now, £30.00. TM & © DC Comics.